Objectives of Keen and Care Initiative (KCI)

  • To involve the young people in our conferences, workshops, seminars and training programs for capacity building & leadership promotion;
  • To network with professionals, advocacy & activists groups;
  • To promote world peace through inter –racial collaboration, dialogue, negotiation, participation, etc;
  • To participate in emergence of effective coalition that traverse different issues of geographical locations and interests;
  • To embark on continuous public relations;
  • To support the building of global institution framework in light of popular aspiration of partner organizations to policy –making enclaves;
  • To assist with the development of mechanisms, with which to enhance the credibility of young people, civil society organisations and equip them to act as positive agent of change;
  • To conduct research and make publications in related subject;


Our Strategies

  • Embarking on continuous public relation;
  • Serve as a linkage for the young people in information generation & sharing;
  • Advocating for people oriented and inclusive social policies;
  • Bridging the gap between the less privileged and privileged;
  • Collaborating with different organisations / Non- governmental Organisations (NGOs) on different issues;
  • Embarking on humanitarian projects;
  • Networking with different groups on arising issues;
  • Campaigning for equal and qualitative education for all;
  • To promote women’s rights and discourage all forms of gender discrimination;
  • Campaigning against drug abuse in the society;
  • Discouraging discrimination and stigmatisation of all forms especially of the people living with HIV/AIDS, People Living with disability through public sensitization and advocacy
  • To influence Government policy making at all level through community mobilization;
  • Fostering partnerships at both national and international levels through collaborations;

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