About Us

Keen and Care Initiative is a non – profit making and non- governmental organisation, whose primary aim focuses on Development of the People(especially the youths, women and children), creating awareness on Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs),  Education( for both in school and out-of-school), Volunteering, Health related issues; behavioural change of young people towards drugs intake & abuse, HIV and AIDs;   capacity building, supporting, re-invigorating means of sustainable development and livelihood of the young people; environmental and human  rights related issues (especially those in the rural areas / grassroots) in Nigeria.

Keen and Care Initiative is a registered organization and has since being working on different issues especially those affecting the youths as well as collaborating with different organisations as to achieve the main objective on youth issues for over Eight (8) years. Also, other groups are not left out like –women, aged and children to achieve our goals and promote sustainable development at large.

However, Keen and Care Initiative has networks of different Organizations and has participated/engaged in EU, AU and UN project/programs. Also, KCI is currently working on some programmes in some States in Nigeria.

Keen and Care Initiative collaborates with the following organizations:

  • West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF)
  • African Youth Forum for Peace (AYFP)
  • Nigerian Youth Organization
  • National Youth Council of Nigeria
  • National Council of Women Society (NCWS), Nigeria
  • Women Advancement for Leadership Empowerment
  • Etc.

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