Keen and Care Initiative (KCI) – A Member of International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA)


By joining the ICoC Association, civil society organizations help to promote and protect human rights and support the rule of law through improving effective regulation and accountability of the private security sector.

Member civil society organizations play a key role in safeguarding the human rights focus of the Association’s core functions, and in ensuring that monitoring is carried out according to established human rights methodologies.

Additionally, CSO members can contribute to identifying particular areas and regions where the provision of private security services may encounter higher risks, as well as in ensuring that the concerns and needs of impacted communities are taken into account.

Briefs about Keen and Care Initiative (KCI)

Keen and Care Initiative is a non – profit making and non- governmental organisation, whose primary aim focuses on development of the people especially those in the rural areas / grassroots in Nigeria.

In pursuit of our vision and mission, KCI is working on community based issues including those at different locations, advocacy and engagement with different stakeholders.

We believe in promotion and protection of human rights, international humanitarian law, or the rule of law through advocacy or working with and supporting communities that may adversely be affected by the activities of private security service providers, based on our organisation’s mission or purpose.

Our Vision is to see a Society free of all injustice, promoting healthy communities; and achieving a total economic empowerment.

Our Mission is to promote world peace, achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs), sustain healthy communities and encourage an equitable society in which people are free from all injustice; oppression and discrimination based on gender, health, race, class, ethnic origin, physical ability and religious belief.

Our Focus is to promote values of people, strengthen commitment in Institutions, Civil Societies and Government with the objective of achieving structural changes in order to eradicate injustice and poverty globally.