Pictures of Palliative Sharing in Kuje

Report and Some Other Pictures of Palliative shared (between 13th -16th July, 2020)  in Kuje, Abuja submitted by Josephine Alabi, keen and Care Initiative (KCI), Nigeria

Humanitarian response is crucial and it’s indeed a great opportunity for us in Keen and Care Initiative (KCI) to be part of this process in Kuje Area Council Abuja.

We collected some palliative for kuje through our organization, Keen and Care Initiative (KCI) and they were as follows: 100 50kg bags of Rice & 100 bags of Condiments on 13th July 2020.

On getting to Kuje after we offloaded the palliative in safe place, we saw the need to inform the police about our activities based on good relationship with security and for safety. Also,to make the process a peaceful one and to avoid hoodlums from disturbing the process.

The police surveillance team were with us from Monday 13th July 2020 to 15 July 2020 daily and we had a peaceful process.

However, people came from three (3) wards in kuje for collection of the palliative out of the ten (wards) as follows:

– Chibiri Ward: Pasali, Shedadi, Lanto, etc.

– Gaube Ward: Gudaba, etc.

– Kuje Central Ward: Angwanmada, AngwanTiv, Angwangede, AngwanKaduna, Low-cost, etc.

Further, people were so excited for the well organized process due to the fact that, it’s the first time that each person would ever collect palliative in such organised manner. The palliatives were donated by the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Administration, through Covid 19 CSO Emergency Intervention Group (CEIG) to Keen and Care Initiative (KCI).

Also, a big thank you from all the beneficiaries of the Palliative given through Keen and Care Initiative (KCI) in Kuje, Abuja and people want us to do more. Keen and Care Initiative (KCI) is a member of Covid 19 CSO Emergency Intervention Group (CEIG).

In addition, other beneficiaries that couldn’t make it initially turned up for their collection on final day 16th July, 2020. We finally, shared the entire 100 Palliative given to us (100 bags of 5kg Rice & 100 bags of Condiments). We took some pictures of beneficiaries and took details for proper documentation.